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New Research Resource: WebMD RSS Feeds for Personal and Professional Use

One thing I learned from doing the Onfolio customer survey this summer is that many of you who use Onfolio for personal projects use it to organize your research on health and medical issues. With the new feed reader built into Onfolio 2.0,  I thought I would let you know that WebMD has just announced that you can get their general health-related news updates as an RSS feed.  To add this RSS feed to your list of feeds in Onfolio, simply click on this link, and then once you are on the page that comes up, hit the Add Feed button on the Onfolio sidebar or toolbar, or just hit Alt-F9.

WebMD also has a great set of RSS feeds for healthcare professionals broken down into 34 separate areas of interest such as cardiology, business of medicine, nursing and technology. To see the complete list of professional RSS feeds, click here.

Posted by Sebastian Gard on January 11, 2005 at 01:33 PM | Permalink


Thanks for that, it is interesting that those of us that spend a lot of time on the computer have health problems. Maybe it is because we have more time on our hands. The scary bit is how many feeds I subscribed to. My wife is a Nurse so I subscribed one for her also. I can see that there is so much information in RSS feeds now that I am moving more to feeds than newsgroups. It is interesting that Onfolio seems to exclusively to combine a good Feed reader and snippet software. Integration with Outlook is also good. Every time I use the computer I find myself using Onfolio more and more where in the past it was Outlook all the way. I find reading the feeds in onfolio and any newspaper format to be easier than one item at a time, you can skim through so much faster.is

Posted by: Max | Jan 16, 2005 9:10:15 AM

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