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Some quick collection feedback

I thought I would share some insights on the number of collections I have put together since I started using Onfolio, how many are the most oftenly used, and also some data on how big those collections are. 

I started using Onfolio back in October of 2003 when I joined the team here.  You could guess that we were pretty heavy users of Onfolio internally before it was released even while a lot of it was still being put together.  Since that time I have accumulated about 18 collections that contain pretty much all of "my stuff."  Inside of those 18 collections is a subset of about 7 collections that I use most often.  Here is the collection names and a brief description of those:
    Personal - used as a dumping ground with a bunch of folders for different things that I need to keep organized
    Onfolio - used for organizing info that I need for use on the job for time to time
    Onfolio Support - used for tracking support oriented issues that I may be helping with or finding research on
    Quality Assurance Resources - used to organize different articles, research, and technical notes that I come across on the web relating to QA
    Technical - same as QA Resources collection for all items that are outside of the QA world such as .NET info, web dev related/CSS, etc.
    Finance and Investing - research on investing in general as well as organizing research on specific company's, stocks, mutual funds, tracking data, etc.
    Real Estate - this used to be in the Finance and Investing collection, but the folder got big enough (in my mind) for exporting out to a separate collection that is used for tracking research based on different locations and articles on tracking the real estate industry

There is also another subset that I use often, but in a seasonal pattern, listed below with a descrption as well:
    Fantasy Football - use during football season for preparing for the draft and following players throughout the season
    Basketball - I coach a few youth basketball teams throughout the year, winter and summer, during which time I will use this collection for tracking my different players and contact info as well as a place to organize different drills that can be used during practices

The collections listed above are my largest collections as well because they are used more often than other collections I have which are less stagnant and most often built during a single researching sessions at a point in time that are accessed in more read-only fashion from time to time.  Out of the most commonly used collections, my largest is Personal, weighing in at 130MB and the others average out to around the 35-50MB area.

If you want to share any info on your collection usage patterns, leave a comment or a posting.  We are always happy to hear more data on how our users are managing their research using Onfolio.

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Great post, always interesting to read how others use the program. I have a total of 5 "favorite" collections. I would say that only 2 of them get used daily, but all 5 get used weekly.

The daily collections are Bookmarks (about 15MB) and Games (about 340 MB). Bookmarks is what I use in place of del.icio.us. I dump most of what I find of interest into that collection. The games collection holds al game related links, files, etc from the internet. Lots of snippets and PDF's in the Games collection.

The other 3 are smaller Collections (13MB), Personal (9 MB) and Recipes (4 MB). One of those is obvious...Collections is topic related folders (info on the Cassini Space Probe, Tsunami, CES, History Research etc). Personal is mostly logins, passwords and other related data.

I have been thinking of reorganizing, that will be interesting if I decide to do it. Right now I rely heavily on saved searchs based on metadata as opposed to folders for most items, and I am considering adding a few more folders to the mix...we shall see.


Posted by: Sean | Apr 5, 2005 11:28:19 PM

I have been using Keepoint for over a month or two. I find it, really useful because I can keep all my web-documents, bookmarks and documents, in one place for offline reading and also for archiving purpose. Is Onfolio does the same..

Posted by: Tom anderson | Sep 27, 2005 8:39:47 AM

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